Metron Group has been established in İstanbul in 1972 processing soft metals and in 2001 we started to produce lead lines for curtains and fishing ropes.Thanks to well-educated staff and technical background Hercul Lead Lines is able to assure the highest standarts. In the last 13 years, Metron Group has become the leader in its field not only in Turkey but in all Europe with a capacity of 250 tons lead processing per month. Metron S.A. is now an international company selling its goods in USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Lıthuania, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, U.K., Israel, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, India and more. Our team possesses all the appropriate know-how to be able to meet the high quality demands of our customers worldwide. Fast order processing, a high degree of flexibility and reliable product deliveries are our trademarks. We are always in your orders to make our relation closer.

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